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Many people have told me good things about the Soca gorge. Eventhough it is only 5 hours away from my hometown, Innsbruck, I haven’t paddled it until now. The famous Soca has several sections, from super easy up to solid class V, with the Soca gorge being its highlight. Two weeks ago, there was massive rain and we were waiting for the water to drop to the perfect level. Luckily, the Soca drops super slowly because of its big catchment area. We knew that we had about 4 days on perfect flows and we timed it perfectly. When we got there, the flow was about 55 cubic meters. The weather was alright, not sunny but no rain either. Our friends guided us down the gorge and I was overwhelmed. Such a sick section! One boof after another and everything deep enough to put your paddle in the water. The main line is super clean and fair but one has to be careful about super dangerous syphons when you are not on the line. The Soca gorge is definitely no place to test your limits.
Blue water, amazing whitewater and even sun (after the first day). What a succesfull trip!

-Andi Brunner