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Submitted by Issie Wormall

This summer I have spent weeks paddling at Holme Pierrepont Nottingham training for the British Championships and for Team GB selections. My time training on inlet gate and twin since the start of the summer improved massively, on inlet it went from learning how to get air on my loops to throwing clean loops with huge air, splitwheels, cartwheels, back loops, mcnastys and space Godzilla’s with huge air. This was to train for the British championships at the end of the month.

Whilst on twin, which is where the 2022 freestyle world championships and also where team trials will be taking place, I went from learning how to set up on the feature to loops, splitwheels, switch mcnastys to even getting my first Tricky Woo. I have also spent a lot of time practicing on the two wave features at Nottingham called Jaws and Fairy-wave learning how to blunt, roundhouse and even attempting airscrews.

To end off my summer paddling I competed in my very first competition, the British championships, and winning junior women’s British champion with my final run scoring 360 points consisting of an entry move 1, loop with air, a space Godzilla and then also a mcnasty with air. It was great watching all the other paddlers that weekend scoring crazy links and combos and absolutely mind blown by some of the rides.

Issie wormall