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The first competition of the year for me was the Irish Kayak Angling Cahore competition in Wexford on the south east coast of Ireland. This is a comp that I look forward too every year, the fishing and weather is generally always pretty good, tho the tidal currents can be pretty mental while outside the bay.

Irish Kayak Angling Cahore Competition

I started the day off catching fish fairly quickly off the mark and also a few different species around a small reef and clean ground surrounding it. I then paddles out of the bay into the strong tidal flow and anchored up in search of a Smooth hound, a small shark that has a rays mouth and mostly feeds on crabs.

As the hounds feed mostly on crab that is the preferred bait to use while targeting them, I usually set one rod up with a single hook ledger baited with crab and a second rod rigged the same tho baited with worm baits to give me a chance of catching other species also.

Things went quite for about an hour with only dogfish showing up here and there before the tide started to pick up, once the flow got up to a couple of knots I had a decent run and struck into it, I new it was a smooth hound straight away as they are superb fighters especially when they have a bit of tide to help them. Throughout the afternoon I caught a few more of them before heading back into the bay to fish around the harbour to target some smaller species for points towards the comp.

Irish Kayak Angling Cahore Competition

As usual it was a great weekends fun with slightly challenging weather conditions but fairly manageable once through the surf and I ended up finishing in 3rd place….

Irish Kayak Angling Cahore Competition

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