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Quizz are very popular in Norway and here is one for you kayaker!

1. Which of those animals has not been observed while kayaking in Trondelag (middle Norway) this year ?
A salmon
B bear
C lynx

2. How do you name a squirrel in Voss dialect ?
A magic mouse (magiskmus)
B baby troll of the wood (skogens trollungen)
C bear of nuts (nottabjørn)

3. How do you say river in Norwegian ? NB! Translate the other words and make some extra points.
A elv
B raven
C veko

4. How many wild and farm salmons are there in Norway ?
A 200 000 wild salmons in total and 500 000 farmed salmons per net
B 500 000 wild salmons in total and 200 000 farmed salmons per net
C 5 millions wild salmons in total and 100 000 farmed salmons per net

5. Which of the following is not the name of a river ?
A Ekornelva
B Driva
C Gaula

6. Here are 3 great rivers. Which one is not in Trondheim region ?
A Forra
B Sona
C Finna

7. Rivers of North Norway are world class. They become even more popular after the legendary female kayaker Mariann Saether moved in Trofors, which quickly became as respected a kayak center as Voss and Sjoa.
Which of these amazing rivers is North but in Sweden and not Norway?
A Susna
B Gausta
C Austervefsna

8. When is the main season for whitewater kayaking in Norway ?
A June – July
B March – April
C September – October

9. Why was salmon fishing season shortened this summer as well as in 2018 ?
A The water level in the river was abnormally low
B The allowed fish quantity had already been fished
C The water temperature in the river was close to 20 degrees which is too warm and the fish were struggling to survive

10. Many activities can be found in Norway besides kayaking for the one who loves outdoors. But which one can not?
A Natural hot spring
B Freediving in the fjords with depth deeper than 100 m accessible from shore without boats
C Orienteering

11. Bonus one. Which Jackson kayak can you see on the pictures of this article
A Zen 2.0.
B Nirvana
C Rockstar

Thanks for reading and welcome to Norway!

Answers: 1B, 2C, 3A, 4B, 5A, 6C, 7B, 8A, 9C, 10A, 11A.