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By: The KUL Brothers

Our 2019 isn’t only successful starts in slalom and taming the hole, but above all amazing emotions on wild rivers. All this is due to the fact that JK thought about the youngest and has Fun1 on offer. This small boat isn’t only to help your kid be able to pose sweetly for a photo or splash on flat water on a hot day. It turns out that it can successfully serve more ambitious goals.
First things first, as you probably remember (blog#1), in the second half of 2019, several important slalom competitions awaited us. We were able to show really good paddling. Competing in the U14 group we were not able to win the podium, but I’m super happy of my start in the Polish Championship and winning the 6th place. Konrad also showed that he deserves applause not only for being the youngest player.

2019 - What a Year It Was
We also spent a lot of time getting used to the hole and trying the first freestyles tricks. It’s fair to say that we are no longer afraid of holes. Last year’s chaos and uncontrolled „rodeo” are a thing of the past. We’re already able to move consciously in the hole. The first loops also appeared.

We waited the most for holiday trips to wild rivers. We were not disappointed. There was a lot of good paddling and even more fun. For example in Austria, where we usually paddle on the Salza River (different sections from Wildalpen to Palfau), this time we decided to try something new and went to Gesäuse National Park on the Enns river. On the section we were interested in (put-in: 47°34’52.6″N 14°33’11.4″E; take-out: 47°35’27.1″N 14°38’40.9″E) the river turned out to be an ambitious challenge for us. Especially since it’s raining a few days before our arrival. 80 cubics of watered down cocoa and giant holes pulsating with a bang just raised the stake. Fortunately, there was a clear line avoiding these dangers. Easy to say, all you had to do was keep calm and follow the line. When we started warm-up, several cars stopped in the car park. Passengers of one of them talked nervously with dad. Only in the evening did daddy explain to us that these people were terrified to see that we’re going to paddle. They threatened to call the police if dad would let us go down on the water. Fortunately, these emotions did not affect us. Sometimes ignorance of the language is a blessing. The beginning of the planned section is a long, difficult (III-IV) rapid – Eisenbahnbrücke. I quickly realized that from a kayak level the river looks completely different than before from a high bank. The line that was clearly visible has now completely disappeared. Dad decided that we would go only in two first. I followed him quite close. My heart almost leaped out of my chest when on huge waves I lost sight of it for long moments. It was a real fight for life – I thought so at the time. Fortunately, I didn’t give up and survived. A few hundred meters below, the river slowed down. On the right was a convenient place to leave the river. It’s also a good put-in. We threw boats over shoulders and returned to Konrad. People in the car park behaved differently. They greeted me with applause, were smiling and taking pics. It’s surprising and very nice. I talked to Konrad for a few minutes, explaining to him that there was nothing to be afraid of. We took him with us and played in the rapid several more times. After the second run, it was only fun for us on the biggest waves that so far swayed our small boats. At the end I was so laid-back that daddy even let me paddle in front of him to seek the line myself. Finally, we paddled down. Below this rapid, the river clearly calms down without any major difficulties (I-II) meanders through a picturesque valley. However, concentration was again required just before take-out. Due we expected similar difficult (III-IV) but shorter rapid – Weißenbachl. We watched from the left bank and we all paddled safely and happily to the finish eddy. If necessary, it can be easily walk at the left bank.

2019 - What a Year It Was
If you ask if warriors waste time in the middle section. Wouldn’t it be better to stay and shredding the first rapid many times? We answer. Definitely not. This might be boring a little, but persevere – it will be worth it. Stay on the left bank (47°34’49.2″N 14°34’41.6″E). Go through a dry riverbed and then walk along the stream. It will take you about 15 minutes to reach the fairyland. It is a long, high and sometimes very narrow canyon. Even below 1 meter. A beautiful waterfall awaits you at its end. Be careful though. Check the weather. In case of rain, it can get very dangerous.

In 2020, we have an even greater appetite for kayak shredding. We also became SUP riders. Follow us on FB and INSTA.

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