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Thanks to heavy rain in the beginning of the year, the kayak circumstances were prime! On a sunny Saturday we decided to organize a freestyle clinic on the Erft. The hole is located in a little village called Neuss, near Dusseldorf. It’s mostly rain dependent but runs fairly often in the spring and fall.

The hole is slow and forgiving. The ideal location to teach newbies and novices all the tricks of hole boating. Which is why it is one of our favorite locations to be teaching the Belgian freestyle enthusiasts. Highwater Wiesenwehr in combination with a sunny day, awesome! Great conditions for everyone to scrub off the winter rust and loosen up those hips!

Over the years that we’ve been doing these freestyle clinics the interest has varied a lot. At times we had 20 people showing up, other clinics we only had about 5. This time we had a solid group of about 10 people, great! They were all ready to go and happy to get back in their boat! Luckily the region was still COVID-19 free at the time. Unfortunately, we did have a few people staying home because of the pandemic.

We had an awesome day, teaching the Belgian youngsters and a couple of Belgian old-timers. We focused on everyone’s individual goals for the day and we saw a lot of smiles in between the occasional faceplants! Some did their first cartwheel, others landed their first loop, a good day on the water!

Hopefully we can soon get out on the water again for another one!

We scouted the location a weekend beforehand, check out a quick little edit and invitation!

Shoutout to Erik Berg for the pictures! (Green RS4.0 – Bart Ruysschaert) – (Abyss RS4.0 – Lane De Meulenaere)