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Belgium is not the greatest play to live (if you’re a whitewater kayaker), let’s be real. Belgium is amazing otherwise! Due to the flat nature of our little country, we’re short in rivers with a decent gradient to make it interesting. On rare occasions we get lucky and have a few decent features that turn up for us to train in, which is amazing!
Unfortunately, most of the time this results in the Belgium kayakers going back to winter cardio and a few warm pool sessions whenever we’re allowed to.

We try to maintain our shape, hitting the gym, go running or mountain biking, but nothing compares to spending loads of time on the water. Not being on moving water comes at a price, every winter we lose a bit of our touch with the whitewater. Something we try to win back as soon as we have the option to get back to amazing whitewater all over the world.

Millau is usually my go-to place in spring to try and dust off the rust that has settled during the winter. Enjoying the warmer south of France with a freshly baked baguette, with some cheese and a good glass of wine is definitely one of the better options to ease back into paddling and finding the “whitewater legs” again.

For those who’ve heard of Millau, they’ll know it’s an awesome feature that truly gives you everything you could wish for in a world class hole. It’s dynamic, stable, plenty of room and deep (in spring), but it also is tricky with flushy shoulders and unforgiving for mistakes. The perfect feature to brush up those skills. It’ll get you back in the right mindset and keep you up your toes from day one!

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If you’re ever in the area, hit me up and we might meet on the water!

Check out my latest scrub session in Millau!