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submitted by Tom Dolle

On a beautiful day in Norway, we took advantage of the 22hour day lights a day and decided to paddle Four rivers in One day.

Woke up early and went straight to the famous Park and Huck called « Nose Breaker ». A nice 30ft drop with maybe 40cumecs per second that goes into a 4meters wide window. Which creates a messy entrance and not always a easy line to stick. But super fun because nothing super dangerous.

Heidi Walsh goes first, gets a little bit pushed around but all good, Yoran Jacob goes second, has the sickest line ever. I was next, the pressure was on as I was going last, look at the waterfall one last time and I go. I take the left channel at the top, set myself up and then suddenly the whirlpool starts grabbing my bow, definitely got scared at that moment, pulled on my knees and I just popped back up with so much speed. In the end I had a pretty sick but scary line.

We then met some other kayakers on the Train Section of the Raundaselvi river. We were a big crew with some people from everywhere: some Norwegians, Belgiums, English, Austrian, Polish, Americans, and Frenchies. That’s why I love kayaking, you meet so many people from everywhere, it’s awesome.

We rallied through the run because we all knew it. The day before we took 4hours, this time it took us 1hour and 15mins.

The next one was the Lower Mierkdalen, a section that I personally haven’t done before. We only did the first 3 drops at the put-in which was a nice warm up the first day but definitely wanted to get to the lower section ! And so we did, It was amazing to have the locals to show us the lines, because with that many rapids it would have taken us a full day to do it !

We were then supposed to do Money Drop, but as we were on the end of the season, the levels were starting to be low… We still checked it out but we didn’t want to run it.
The locals told us then to go up north, so we drove two hours to the Sogndalsevi. THAT was the SICKEST river ever, maybe my favorite river ever (after the Rio Claro of course). Some big holes to boof, some waterfalls, some slides, it was just Amazing. We had to get out on the big rapids and so we finished at 00:15. We were literally so Tired after that, but so stoked to have paddled all of these rivers in one day.

We were in Norway for only one week so we had to check as many rivers as possible and that was the perfect way to do it !