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A question I get asked a lot all year round: What do you wear for kayak fishing? Here are a few tips on what equipment I use to protect myself against wind, rain, cold and heat:

1) Life Jackets
Whether summer or winter, a life jacket is mandatory! I wear the NRS Chinook and Chinook OS, the world’s best-selling life jackets for kayak anglers. The high-back design is perfect for any type of kayak seat and you have many pockets for your accessories.

2) Multifunctional Tubulars
Everyone knows the good old Buff & Co.! They protect against cold, wind and sun and are available in thousands of designs.

3) Gloves
It is not easy to find gloves with which you can fish properly. I wear Fox Rage gloves in winter and NRS Castaway Gloves in summer.

4) Drysuit
There is no way around a drysuit for the cold days! A purchase that is a little more expensive, but which can save your life. I chose the NRS Men’s Crux Drysuit with innovative 4-layer Eclipse waterproof-breathable fabric and flexible MasterSeal zipper. Important when buying a drysuit: Pay attention to a zipper so that you can pee without problems.

Clothing Tips for Kayak Fishing in Summer & Winter

5) NRS Champion Jacket
The best jacket I’ve ever had for kayak fishing! This lightweight protects you from wind, splash and rain. Brilliant: Two self-draining, zippered pockets are designed to be accessed while wearing a PFD. This jacket has kept me dry in many situations with extreme rain.

6) NRS Freefall Dry Pant
Trousers with socks are very useful in many cases. Nothing is worse than wet cold feet. The NRS Freefall Dry Pant is ideal for kayak fishing.

Clothing Tips for Kayak Fishing in Summer & Winter

7) NRS Men’s Endurance Splash Pant
My absolute favorite pants for kayak fishing! Very light and comfortable to wear in spring, autumn and also in winter in combination with thermal underwear.

8) NRS Men’s Lolo Pant
My kayak fishing pants for the warmer days. Lightweight, durable, DWR-treated material dries quick and delivers optimal stretch for superior performance and comfort.

9) NRS Men’s Vibe Water Shoes
Comfortable and good looking water shoes, whether you wear them with or without socks. Not drying as fast as I would like, but still my favorite shoes on the kayak. If you need knee-high waterproofness, check out the NRS Boundary Boots.

Clothing Tips for Kayak Fishing in Summer & Winter

10) NRS Men’s Endurance Splash Jacket
The Endurance is a perfect lightweight option to block wind and spray on the water. Ideal for the warmer windy days!

11) NRS Men’s Guide Short
Dries quickly, has many pockets and is very light and comfortable. Great short for summer.

12+13) NRS Men’s Benny Board Short
Quick-drying shorts in two different designs that can also be used when swimming in summer. Not only for kayak fishing, but also as a great short for the whole day!

14) NRS Varial Hoodie
I love this hoodie with its head-to-waist protection! Delivers UPF 50 sun protection and has integrated sun hood and neck gaiter. Available in colors Quarry, Aquatic and Nile.

15) Eiger Arctic Underwear Set
Extremely warm and comfortable thermal underwear that transfers moisture off your skin and keeps you dry. An absolute must-have for me in winter!

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