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Submitted by Maja Kawczynska

Isar Welle in Plattling, Germany is my favourite place for kayak freestyle in Europe. You can use white water waves and holes there to perform surf and gymnastic-style manoeuvres and tricks. High water and the current allow me to surf and spin across the water surface and release up to the air. I spent a beautiful long weekend in Plattling. Every day I learned new figures and trained a lot with Zosia Tuła and Tomek Czaplicki. I am very happy that I can train with the best freestyle kayakers in the world. In the future, I want to be as good as them and win competitions all over the world.
Soon I’m going to France to Millau and Makinito. I heard that this is an amazing place for freestyle kayaking. I will write to you about my adventures when I come back. See you and follow my profile on Facebook