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Name: Andrea Caocci
Hometown, Country: Oristano Sardinia Italy


Kayak(s): Kraken Elite 15.5, Coosa FD, (Cuda 12 and Cuda 14 in past)

Future kayak: Cuda HD

Equipment: a lot of equipment for Spinning – Trolling – VJ – SlowVJ

Freshwater, saltwater: Both

Favorite Fish: I love all fishes from big to little but the Tuna is missing from my bucket list

Bucket list fish: SW Bluefish, Cuda, Dentex, FW Black Bass

Favorite place for kayak fishing: Open water sardinia west side

Bucket list kayak fishing locations: Golfo di Oristano – Capo Mannu – Santa Caterina – Costa Verde – Fiume Tirso – Rio Mare Foghe – Lago Coghinas

Why Jackson Kayak: Because it is like a big family which loves doing kayaking and TOP quality kayaks made in USA!!!