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Heat wave is hitting us.
Zachary, my 2yo is pointing the kayaks and keep saying “Papa, ayak, ayak, ayak”. 2 days ago the Lac Saint-Jean had a northern wind blowing making some small wake so we went out for a quick paddle afterwork to play in the waves. He want to go again but I actually want to do more than having my kid sitting between my legs and play with the paddle. It’s fun for a couple of minutes but after a while, you either end up trying to paddle so he can catch the shaft or you lend him the paddle and you start turning in circle or going no where. It’s fun, really fun but will you want to do that for a weeks, a month. With toddler, you cannot expect them to be efficient right away. Anyway, it’s not has much about efficiency now, than to share my love for watersport and spending time on the water. And also I want to be able to fool around with him on the water.

Not sure, but the smile will come!

Here’s come the SUP. We took the SUPerNATURAL out on the lake. This way, we can play standing up, rocking sideways, jump in the water, look at birds, kayak paddle, canoe paddle, sup paddle, poling on rocks,… If ever we fall, the board will rarely flip so you can just climb back on it.

Looking out for birds

There's one over there!

Zachary had a blast, he was able to jump in the lake, hold on to the board while daddy was making the SUP go fast (his words, not mine), catch some wave and spend some good, fun, refreshing, quality time together.

Going for the swim!

All of this after work, before diner. That night, he asked for only 1 story insted of his usual “Une autre, Papa”

Burning the moment in our memories



Patrick Levesque