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Team Cooler and Accessory Orders

Team - Cooler or Accessory Order Form

Use this to order Accessories or Orion Coolers


How to Order

Place your order at least 8 weeks before order is required. Once you have placed your order it will be sent to the Brand Managers for approval. Once it has been approved you will receive a breakdown of cost at team pricing. You will be expected to cover the cover the cost of shipping. Please create an itemized list of each product you are requesting below. This will then be sent to our team leads for approval. When your order is placed, you will be contacted to arrange payment.


Accessory Or Cooler Requested
Please add each item you would like to order as a separate entry. Include SKU# (this can be found on the store) Please note: Color requests will be taken under consideration but may not always be possible. We are unable to ship accessories with boats going to dealers. Separate shipping will apply

Credit Card Info and Next Steps

Thank you for your order.

We cannot take Credit Cards through this form.
Confirmation may take up to 4-5 business days to arrive. Please review Once you receive your invoice via email, call Customer Service at 931.738.2800 ext. 1 with any errors you see in the confirmation. YOU MUST REPLY TO THIS EMAIL CONFIRMING THAT ALL IS GOOD BEFORE THIS ORDER IS PROCESSED!. Once you have OKed the order, CS will get your payment information and the order will be processed.

NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE ONCE YOU SEND IN THIS ORDER. That includes adding product, changing colors or delivery options.

Also, please do not call-in to inquire about your boat order. You will be notified via email a second time after order confirmation when it is ready for shipping. If you have any questions moving forward, please email or Thanks again!
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.