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August 23, 2007

Morgan Tidd

Height: 5’5"
Weight: 140 lbs
Age: 16 years old
Home River: American
Boats: Star, Punk Rocker


I appreciate it when a young lady goes above and beyond the norm and does exciting things like Morgan. A great student, and up and coming kayaker, you will see Morgan creating photo comic strips, contributing to as an ambassador, and traveling and competing with Huge Experiences. I hope you will enjoy her creative talents and efforts as much as I do.


I am kind of a new kid in the kayaking scene. Okay, I’m really a new kid. I first learned what a loop was six months ago.

I attend New River Academy, which is a traveling kayaking high school based out of West Virginia. This year, I have traveled and kayaked in Chile and the American Southeast. Before 2008 I will have paddled in Canada and China as well.

I hail from Northern California, raised both in the city of Oakland and on the banks of the American, Cal Salmon, Klamath, and Trinity rivers by a rafting family. I could barely roll up in a wave train when I went to NRA. Since then I’ve become addicted. I like taking pictures, making comics, learning languages, and hanging out with river people around the world.

See you on the river!

First in Expert Women’s Class at FIBArk
First in Women’s Class at American River Festival

Check out my comic strip and blog