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August 9, 2007

I haven’t mentioned to the world yet that at the 2007 World Freestyle Championships I was using two pieces of outfitting that I was prototyping for a few months already. Both my Happy Feet and my Sweet Cheeks were prototypes; a variation of what we had already. Stephen Wright, Nick Troutman, Dane, Clay Wright, Ben Stookesberry, and I have all been trying to get the perfect outfitting for our All-Stars and Rockers and today they are ready for you to put in your boats!

2008 Sweet Cheeks 200: (for anyone that isn’t already super tight in the leg area of their kayak)

  • This incredible seat pad lifts you up between .75” and 1.5” depending on how you set it up.
  • Much deeper bucket that holds you tight no matter how crazy you get.
  • The 200 stands for 200% of normal beans (thicker)
  • Perfect for boaters wanting
    • To be higher up for more leverage for playboating
    • Padding for rocky creeks to absorb impact (ask Ben Stookesberry)
    • To be tighter in your outfitting (smaller boaters with extra room in your leg area)

I am spoiled with this one now and you’ll only find me paddling the Rocker, Fun, or All-Star with the Sweet Cheeks 200. While prototyping them, before we had enough for the team, it was almost enough to create fights over them. Every-time I turned around, Dane had another one and I was out one. (he uses them in his Punk Rocker and Shooting Star)

**Watch the 2007 JK Promo Video- Jackson University- Sweet Cheeks under outfitting chapter. (sign up at for a blog and we’ll send it to you free, or purchase this product and the DVD will come with it.) Click here to see it.

2008 Happy Feet 150 (for anyone who has to pump up the air bladder in their Happy Feet now) Anyone with a non-Jackson Kayak that has plenty of foot-room (is there such a thing?)

  • 150% of normal beans means a much more solid feel.
  • Shorter legs and smaller feet get much better control and comfort than before.
  • Incredible bare foot paddling comfort, like grandma’s slippers! (make foot-pockets **)
  • Use in larger boats more effectively than original Happy Feet

I tried Happy Feet 200 but even me with a 28” inseam and size 8 feet in the All-Star was too tight and I could barely get the thing in the boat! I found that the Happy Feet 150 was a perfect combination of lots of beans for incredible control, and yet plenty of room for the average leg and foot. If you barely fit in your boat with the Normal Happy Feet, you’ll not want this one! This is for when you want more support and have extra room!

What is the value of these two accessories? For me, priceless. I would rather let you borrow my car than my Happy Feet 150 or my Sweet Cheeks 200!

What else are your forgetting? Still aren’t using the Happy Seat or Happy Seat/Thruster combo (for playboating)? Just drop one in a boat (Jackson Kayak, of course) on the showroom floor and blow it up until tight and you’ll be sold immediately! Rock back and forth on the ground and you’ll realize that this thing incredible. Ask anyone on Team JK what they think about their Happy Seat/Thruster combo and you’ll see the gleam in their eyes as they describe it. Click here to see it.