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August 2, 2007

By Nick Troutman

This past weekend Joel, Raf, Emily, Phil, and myself didn’t have to work and we were contemplating what we should do. It didn’t take long to come up with the conclusion that we should go check out some of the creeks running in Quebec.

So at 10:30 am we quickly packed up Joel’s truck with our Rockers and Mega Rockers, and all of our creeking gear. We were off!

Three to four hours later we were standing on a bridge looking down on the first sight of whitewater all day. We ran down stream to scout all the bigger stuff, and then ran to the vehicle in a race to get dressed.

Phil, Raf, Joel and myself all ran the first drop, while Emily took photos. After scouting the next couple, only Raf, Joel and myself opted to run while Phil willingly did safety for us. Unfortunately he got covered in Poison Ivy, and has had three shots, and was on and IV drop for a night.

We then went home and started planning for our Sunday creek trip.

Watch the video (QuickTime, 9.1 MB)

To be continued……..

Nick Troutman