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August 1, 2007

Hey Everyone!!
Life has been good up on the Ottawa river! I am officially a kayak bum living in my new 1989 Westfallia down by the river!! Nick and I got it about a month ago and it has been a treat!! The past couple weeks I have been training all over different waves and holes….my two favorites being Baby Face and Blacks… Baby Face is a great learning wave and i have finally figured out how to through helixs! Blacks was hard to not do anything other then huge loops although i am sure you can do almost every hole move in it. Garb is not quite in but i can promise almmost every kayaker in the area is going to bed praying for it to drop just a little over a quarter…Being here makes me realize how fast the summer went! July went by so fast because i was barely in one spot… Nick drove us from Oregon… to Colorado…. Colorado to the Ottawa river and then 2 days after i got there i flew to New York to teach an intercity kids camp for underpriveledged kids… my fourth year participating in it and definetly cant wait for the 5th… after that i flew back up to the ottawa for 2 days… which i got to paddle on one day and baby face was awesome! then i flew to PA to teach a kids camp for a day which was totally worth it…especially because i got to meet a little girl who was identical to me when i started boating… asking a million questions before the rapid and crying at the the idea of something that wont even happen… but she did exactly what i used to do….cry the whole way down then have the biggest grin at the end…!! that made the whole trip seem perfect…
Now my parents have left to go home and i am staying here to paddle on the ottawa for the rest of the season… i already miss them and i am jealous that they are going to enjoy our beautiful log home… but then again ive got my luxurious hippie van! Hope to see you guys on the river… and if you see a blue westy with a pink boat on top… feel free to stop by!!