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August 19, 2008

Team Jackson Kayak have our two tinted window, black, FBI vans that cruise the autobahn at high speeds from one country to the next. We convoyed our two vans, using one as a decoy so no one would know which one Jason Craig was in.

OK, seriously, we got out of Prague at about noon today, after filling up on Crepes and coffee, while the kids got themselves an ice cream Sunday for lunch. We set the GPS for the Eiskanal in Augsburg, Germany and it said 4 hours there. Unfortunately we had the GPS set on the wrong time zone so we found out that it was 5 hours. Luckily for us, we found a Burger King on the way to stop and fill up for the final leg. Everyone was fired up to have a burger after a week of eating bread, ham, cheese, Nutella, and crepes from time to time. When we pulled into the whitewater park, which was created for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games for slalom, we were not the first ones here. Some people left last night, some left early this morning. We had too many people and too many things to do to get out any earlier, including stuffing 10 kayaks and 10 people and all of our bags inside the two vans. It worked out just fine in the end. Emily is really struggling and is super sick. She is considering going home. Nick and I drove her into a hospital in Frieburg closeby and got in to see a doctor. She had a blood test and a check up and it was found out that she does have an infection in her lungs. They gave her something to help her with her lungs, but it isn’t anti-biotic. I think she is also sick from the water in Prague which got quite a few people sick. Dane, LP, Jason, Nick, Stephen, and more have all been throwing up and have felt sick at some point during the week past. I hope that after taking a day or two off she’ll be able to sleep and recover.

I haven’t seen the hole yet but Peter Czonka has done two workouts in it already today. He has a bunch of experience in this hole and has trained here for this event already. We’ll just have to bust out our moves and show that we can show up and dominate. It will be a great competition again, I’m sure! Peter suggests that the scores will be much lower here. I look forward to training here tomorrow and finding out!

I am in my tent right now and made the mistake of keeping the net door open to let the cool air in. While there were no biting bugs in Czech, they are here in Germany, but I can’t seem ‘em. I know what these things are called at home, “no see ‘ems”. Not sure about here.

It doesn’t say anything about “no kill ‘ems” so I am slapping away!

Good night!