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August 15, 2007

When I told everyone I was going to Sort in Spain with Birky for four weeks they said "YOU’LL NEVER SURVIVE, ARE YOU MAD" but I came back to tell you my tale.

It all started one starry night with two van loads of boats,kit and historic hero’s out for an adventure. Our journey was senic and long with plenty of food stops to pamper our needs and fill our stomachs.

We finally arrived two days later to a dusty camp site, now our adventure could begin. Being organized paddlers as usually camp took five hours to set up(time flies when you are having fun NOT!)

Our next hurdle came when assorted children and parents arrived. Being less intrepid travellers they opted for a hotel. The next ten days were spent putting all my paddling skills to the limit. The river ran with a great level meaning there was great features to play in and fantastic river running.

For the first time I was allowed to coach a group of eager freestyle beginners who listened intently and worked hard. The river running was eventful with lots of rescues and eddy hopping, finishing off with aggressive swimming to cool off as the temperature was 30+.

To add to the adventure we opted for a morning of rafting( again a first for

me) which was great fun. This ended up being a race to see who could stay on the raft the longest. I being renowned for king of the wave managed to get the crown for king of the raft. Finishing off with the raft flipping in a big hole with us all swimming apart from my flip flop which managed to wedge itself in the raft.

I was sad when the ten days were over but ready for the next part of the adventure to start. This started with the normal athletic and eager energy (which meant we sat around chilling out for the next two days).

The next two weeks involved perfecting loops, learning new moves and frantic river running on big features. With a few night competitions thrown in for good luck.

The journey home was long but exciting as we went vier Leon. This big wave had beaten me last time but it wasn’t going to get me this time because I had my NEW JACKSON STAR. Me and this boat could conker anything, the wave was big but we would survive. As I approached the wave it suddenly turned green allowing me to paddle over it to a hole behind which lovingly beat me up. NEXT TIME I’LL WIN.

So I survived four weeks of fantastic sun,fun,paddling in Spain and Barky but COULD YOU!

P.S. I forgot to tell you about mopped wheelies and fashion disasters but thats for another time or maybe you’ll have to try it yourself.

European Junior Team member