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August 12, 2006

For those of you just getting to know kayaking, Outdoor Retailer is a huge trade show (world’s biggest) where companies that make products for life in the outdoors go to sell them to the retail shops. Jackson Kayak is in the unique position of not having to talk the dealers into carrying our product (nor do I have the time to) so we don’t have a booth here, but don’t want to miss the fun.

The show started off at Williard Bay with an open air demo (lake to try boats). Boats, media, and retail employees everywhere! The Outdoor Industry Association had their inaugural “Outdoor Idols” award there. Emily was selected as a 2006 Outdoor Idol, which was quite a big deal. She is doing media interviews, poster signings, etc. all week long. She is working harder then most people here!

Today was a day where I saw so many people I know and have worked with in some capacity over the years that I couldn’t keep count. Bo Colbert, formerly partners with Chan Zwanzig of Wavesport is now my sales rep for Schulman Plastics where I buy my Cross-linked HDPE material. John Jaycox who used to make my slalom boats, etc. etc. etc. etc. and it doesn’t end! It is quite fun!

I got to meet with Susie at Patagonia which is like water meeting with electricity. That woman is fun to talk to, and would qualify for my “Wired Women’s Club” with flying colors. This is a club of women, like Jessie Stone, Kristine, and others who are high performance women with a big smile and high energy.

Got to go, time for Lee Hart’s birthday party!

🙂 EJ


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Emily as an outdoor idol

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Kristine, Nick, Dane, Boyd, and Sam watching the award at the lake