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A customer review of the All-Star

I was so anxious waiting for the All-star to come out. Looking
at the boat design pictures and owning a FUN I just new this boat was something
I had to have. Your boats fit me like you custom made the boat for me. I have
to admit at one point I started to get cold feet. I saw some reviews from team
members much bigger than myself and it made me wonder if the boat would be to
big for me. Clay Wright wrote in a review he thought it sized between the Dagger
Icon 6.2/6.3. That really scared me. I’m 5’9", 145lbs, 30" inseam,
9 shoe. I have to say I feel pretty special being the first person in the entire
world to get an All-star! Thank you again. You made me one happy person going
out of your way to send me the boat in time for my vacation. People told me,
being so excited for the boat would set me up for a let down. The boat didn’t
let me down at all. The size concerns were for nothing. I moved the seat to
the front position and fit comfortably snug. Plenty of room for those big guys
out there. The boat is super easy to flat-water cartwheel. Very balanced. The
easiest boat I have ever used to clean cartwheel bow to stern. Silly easy. It
is true that it is the easiest boat to learn to flat-water loop. I can bounce
the boat completely out of the water.

For it’s size, it is pretty fast., Slower than the Fun but
the Fun is longer.

It is by far the easiest boat I have ever used to get vertical
air blunts and back stabs. One day on this breaking wave where the most people
could do was spin and blunt I was able to cartwheel several vertical ends and
stay on the wave. I couldn’t believe I was able to stay on the wave. Pretty
cool. It is super fast from end to end cartwheeling in a hole. I go through
a couple boats a season because it is fun to change boats. I have been doing
this my whole boating life. Old habits are hard to break. Thanks to you I have
no need to buy boats anymore. Between the FUN and the All-Star, I am all set.
The FUN is the perfect river running playboat and the All-Star is the perfect
park and play machine for me to pushing myself and learn new moves. My true
love is park and play. Running play rivers. I love to surf.

I have let a couple friends try the All-star and they were
very impressed and are looking to buy one. I saw my one friend throw the fastest,
quickest ends I have ever seen done in a local hole. This is no exaggeration.

Thanks Again,

Steve Pietrucha