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August 4, 2007

Jez with his sweet FJ Cruiser completes a major summer camp tour
doing daily stops at 20 camps that teach whitewater kayaking to kids and
have Jackson Kayak kids boats! Jez was on a burn out pace, hitting one
camp each day, doing clinics all day with the kids, and then moving on to
the next one. Anyone who knows Jez, knows that his personality and desire
to work with kids is an incredible combination, making the kids who get the
opportunity to spend a day with him very lucky.

During a short break from the action, Jez came to DC to pick up Jason Craig
and Dane to do some river running together in West Virginia.

The RV shot is Emily and Dane doing two days with River Sport in Confluence,
PA at the Yough. This kid’s camp was a great opportunity for my kids to
share their skills and passion for kayaking with new kids just getting
started. Emily and Dane were on the Ottawa only a day after this photo
with the Keeners (teen kayaking program) in Canada.




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Jez returns in the FJ Cruiser with Jason and Dane ready to rock more camps!

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Sweet Shuttle Vehicle by Jez!

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River Sport in Pennsylvanias Kids Camp a success!