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August 6, 2004


I am waiting on blue Super Fun that I ordered from Trent
at Viaje Outdoors. While waiting he let me try his demo model of the Super Fun
yesterday. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your boat.

I bought a Dagger Honcho last year as I was new to WW kayaking
and didn’t know what I was looking for besides weight range (barring Creek boats,
at 230 lbs, there are not many boat options). The boat was uncomfortable, poorly
outfitted, leaked, and just didn’t perform well for me. I spoke with you in
Nashville when you premiered your new rolling and bracing video and you told
me about the Super Fun. After trying it yesterday, it it everything you said
it would be.

I find that the Super Fun surfs, ferries, and rolls far better
than my old boat. I even hand rolled for the first time ever on the first try.
Most importantly, it is the most comfortable boat I have ever been in. I’m not
pushing my knees up through the spray skirt to relieve cramped hips and knees
at every flat section. The happy feet bean bags provide good support and are
very comfortable.

Thanks for building a great boat.