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August 21, 2007

By Ben Guska

WOW! I never thought I’d see this day: Me at a University. I must say I am super excited though. Today was my first day of classes at Mesa State University in Grand Junction Colorado. I was a little nervous, but super excited to load my brain with knowledge. There is some super fun kayaking around here as well. We have West Water canyon which you need a permit to run, or my hometown run in Glenwood springs which isn’t too far. Glenwood is also getting there White Water Park next spring so it will make for great training grounds! The M-wave is super close as well as Escalante creek in the spring!

As for my birthday tomorrow (Aug 21st) I briefly forgot about. I am now 22 and can’t believe how fast time has gone by these last few years. It’s truly amazing and kind of scary at the same time. As for my fall plans, I will be playing hockey here for the MSU Mavericks. I plan on heading out east for Nationals and down with Team River Runner to Costa Rica for a fun trip with some of Americas soldiers! I will be back down there over winter break teaching for Huge Experiences (high school camp) as well. I’m hoping for Africa over spring break come March before the White Nile gets Dammed up. After that the Collegiate Nationals in Reno, and starting the tour again at the Reno Pro Event! This winter will truly be a great test for work load, but I think I can hang! WISH ME LUCK!

Ben Guska


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