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August 14, 2007

By Nick Troutman

Well the OR show is a big gathering of all the different Outdoor companies, such as kayak companies, climbing companies, clothing companies, dog gear, anything and everything you could ever think of. I had the privilege to go this year not only as an athlete, or someone representing a company, but also as an outdoor idol.

The are a group of people that have been chosen each for their respected fields such as kayaking, rock climbing, rafting, mountaineering, hiking, biking ext. Now each different Outdoor idols was selected from a panel of judges, each chosen for different ways that they have given back to the community and ways that they have brought younger generations into outdoor activities. I was chosen for different Kayak achievements but also for coaching with the Keener Program, a youth development program based around kayaking as well as different programs with Emily Jackson and Jessie Stone.

Being an outdoor idol is pretty awesome, being that I can use it as a tool to help with getting more kids of their couches and outside playing in the outdoors.

All of the including myself were invited to the show. There were 10 of us, Sasha Digiulian (rock climber), Nitish Nag (biker), Jeff Steed (raft guide), Greta Neimanas (biker), Bridger Root (mountaineer), Marshal Alford (hiker), Edgardo Baca Carillo (rock climber), Paul Robinson (rock climber) and myself Nick Troutman (kayaker). We all had a really busy schedule, with fundraisers, TV interviews, meetings, presentations, etc. Though it was a blast being that we all got to hang out together, especially the fact that we got to go to this facility, with a huge climbing wall, a surf wave, and an air tunnel, which is a sky diving simulator. This was a blast being that I had never been on a flow board, which is a mix between a skateboard, and a snowboard that you surf on a surf wave. It was a ton of fun with some huge wipeouts. After that we went to the air tunnel, where we all learnt how to sky dive. I also learnt how to spin in circles while lying on my stomach, which was awesome. I also learnt how to go up and down while flying, just by bringing my arms and legs together, or spreading them apart. We also did some rock climbing, and then had a pull-up competition on two of the rock holds. I did ok, but I couldn’t beat the climbers.

Then next day we were awarded for being the of 2007. After the award ceremony we had a relay race in to pool between the new kids on the block, and the old school guys. I was racing against EJ, which was fun, being that we both ended up soaked in the water.

After we did all the different fundraisers and such, I had the rest of the weekend off to go around and check out the different booths. This was pretty cool because Joel Kowalski and myself got to get together and discuss our upcoming film ‘Here & Now’. I also got to hang out with Ben and Jesse and talk about some upcoming expeditions that I might be able to do with them.

Anyway that pretty much sums up the weekend at OR, now I am at a cottage with the Jackson Family, hanging out and relaxing.

Signing out,
Nick Troutman