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August 17, 2007

By Emily Jackson

Hey Everyone!
Just got done with the 2007 Outdoor Retailer! Basically its the largest grouping of outdoor brands in once place and deallers from across the country come to see what products they want to carry in their store next year. There were tons of cool new designs and ideas for all sorts of stuff…kayaks, helmets, gear. Jackson Kayak never has a booth there because we only sell to dealers that dont have another dealer within a hundred miles so it wouldnt be fair to tease everyone with our stuff then tell them theyère too close to another dealer. Nick was an Outdoor Idoll this year and that basically means the whole Outdoor Industry is using his face to promote the outdoors and help get more kids outside…. they kept him busy but he seemed to have alot of fun. As for me i just went around ate alot of sushi and talked to some cool people…Mom and Dad were always busy except for the sushi…they always had time for that… and Dane well i never really saw him because he barely left the room service of my parents 5 star hotel….

After OR we drove to Southern Utah into Bryson Canyon where we went and met up with my aunt, uncle and cousin (my cousin actually drove there with us) My aunt and uncle rented a cabin and atvs for a couple days and we spent a majority of the days out on the trails deep in the mountains….the last day we had a pleasant surprise and it started pouring and being that i was on the back with nick.. i dont think we missed a single puddle… we were all frozen later but thanks to my aunt and mom they always made sure we got warmed up……

Now i am going to go boating on garb this afternoon once it warms up….its definetly cooled down since i have left and im not anxious enough to go out in my shorty yet…. but we will head out soon!!

Seeya Next Week