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August 16, 2007

Hello there, I have owned 9 creek boats in my 20 year kayaking career and not once have I felt compelled to write to any of the manufacturers to congratulate them on a boat….until now. A couple of weeks ago a bought a Jackson Mega Rocker,it’s orange,it’s mega and it rocks!

I’m 37 years old,6’3" and 115kg and have been paddling class 4/4+ for 20 years now.
Anyway, I just got back to the UK after a 2 week trip to the French Alps and I really have to say that the Mega Rocker is THE BEST creek boat I’ve paddled. It made me want to do silly things though! This boat stays on line and goes wherever you want it to. I thought the whole ‘auto boof’ thing was a bit of hype but no,I have become the king of boof over night. Construction is top quality and comfort is….well,I’m calling it ‘my big orange arm chair’.

Down sides? As I said,it makes you want to paddle 2 grades harder. The first couple of days on the river I spent paddling everyone else’s kayaks because they all wanted a go in mine. The one thing I would say is that the seat needs to be cranked as far forward as it will go as the Mega tends to lift its nose and go a bit vertical if you land it bow first (this is actually quite good fun but did become tiring at the end of a long day) I sit way forward now and all is good.I am also having trouble finding a spray deck that will stay put? Apart from that I honestly can’t fault the Mega Rocker.

Well done!!

Regards, Phil Andrews