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August 8, 2009

By Pikey

Well I got everything your meant to get out of a boating weekend. First off I got to “moony” my friends on the drive to Wales, they were heading on their own adventure. I got to catch up with an old friend and managed to make new ones. We did a big boat Saturday and hit up 3 rivers, the Ogwen , Aberglaslyn Gorge and the Fairy Glen on the Conwy.

One thing that stands out from the 3 rivers was simply the surroundings and how they all where totally different, from being in on fun long rapids in the middle of a flat farm land to being in a sheer closed in gorge with boof-tastic pool drops. The funnest part was probably doing a short boater-cross down the Aberglaslyn gorge, my friend Craig killed it in his Punk Rocker and I came in 3rd (last) in my Rocker.

After a night out catching up over a few local bevys we hit up a the mighty Tryweryn for a playboating day. It’s been a while since I’ve managed to play in my Allstar on an actual feature, but I was having a wicked time playing at the famous “worlds” hole and surfing it up on the New NRA wave. I’m so going to have to get the Dynamic Duo out and take some of my non-boater friends down this fun-filled run.


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