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August 10, 2007

Whitewater Icon (hero is a better term), Charlie Walbridge can be spotted a mile away on any river. His composite C1 with spare paddle, his vintage gear, and paddling style are all 100% Charlie. Known by many as the “safety guru” bringing information and safety in whitewater to us through American Whitewater for many years is something that has improved the paddling world and saved countless lives through education. The world owes Charlie Walbridge a big thank you.

Charlie tried something new the other day and Bill Kirby was there to get the photo that I would not have imagined ever seeing. Charlie tried out a plastic kayak, and it was a Super Fun. Charlie is an XXXL guy, big feet, long legs, and I don’t imagine he ever thought he would fit a boat like the Super Fun.

We should all try out a composite or plastic C1 as soon as we have the opportunity! Variety is the very spice of life!


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