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August 29, 2007

By Joel Kowalski

Check out the attached video! QuickTime 1.4 MB

So Nick and I went on a little duo mission to the upper Petit Nation. We had
a great time. We get to this one drop and I run it first, right down the
middle. The plan was to boof. I fanned on my stroke and found the riverbed,
oh yeah in the worst way. While if I had been in any other boat with any
other kind of bulkhead set-up, I surely would have broken both my ankles and
the bad situation we had wound up in would have been so much worse. My
Rocker bulkhead traveled half a foot when I landed. The system is set up
perfectly so that when you are normally paddling the bulkhead does not
move, but exert enough force (piton), and it will absorb most of the shock.

Thank you .