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August 9, 2009

By Nick Troutman

High Tension is an epic wave up on the Gatineau river in Quebec. Fortunately the wave has been in for just over three weeks this summer. This is rare being that High Tension is usually only in with high water in the spring time.

I speak for most in saying that a lot of us paddlers who are up on the Ottawa River training for Worlds have taken a break of small wave training to go throw down on the steep green giant that is High Tension.

Emily and myself and whole Jackson family ventured our way down to the Gatineau to set up camp and surf our brains out. We got on the last two days the wave was still in, and even though it was low, it still lives up to it’s reputation.

When off the water EJ, Emily, Dane and myself decided to go fishing for dinner, and after two days and only one fish between all of us I have come to the conclusion that we caught the only fish in the whole Gatineau river. Though we kept our spirits high with some good old fashion football and baseball games. It is always a competition in this crowd.

Anyways here is a little video from the trip.