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Hey Devon,
it is good to here from ya. Summer has been awesome.
As of Sunday, I have exactly 60 days of paddling
in…that doubles the amount of times I have ever been
in a kayak. I am excited :). I got a loop really well
in the Lawson hole.

Oh guess what, I have a good JK story for ya.
My boat(it is actually the CU kayak clubs 2Fun that I
paddle)was not on tight to the car and it flew off on
a major highway going about 70 MPH, getting hit by
two cars and side-swiped by a semi. Somehow, it is
fine except for
the tire marks on the bow…i think it is a 44 1/2
gallon boat now. Jackson plastic is so strong! I was
almost crying when I saw it get hit several times.

Maybe if i can find the guy on mtn. buzz that had
footage of my loops I will send it to ya, you would be
proud 🙂

Have a good time in Canada, and it was great to here
from ya!