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August 3, 2006

Eric, I recently bought an allstar, I have been very pleased with it,
but that is not why I’m writing you. Me and a few friends were going to
go to the nantahala and have a good three day run. we got started and
went about four miles, there an intersection was very busy.I was riding
in a car with one paddling buddy. the others were in a pickup truck with
the boats in it. we pulled out and was on our way, the others pulled out
and WHAM, they got T-boned, I saw the boats go a good fifteen to twenty
feet in the air, my prized allstar was the highest and first to hit the
asphalt. I thought well there goes the trip and all my boating this year.
we turned around to see if they were all right, they were, so we checked
the boats after we got them out of the road. I was amazed! I figured the
allstar was toast after such a hit, but it only mad a fairly nasty scar
on it, me and the other paddling buddy went on to spend two days of pure
bliss on the river. Dude, you build one mean ass boat. If you want to use
this as a testimonial or anything or anyway you want to advertise, you
have my full permission and gratitude for such a fine boat.

millions Eric!

I’m wanting to get a rocker soon, I’m loving the allstar but want the
rocker to go with it.
Have a great day and be safe!

your friend

Randy Gentry