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August 7, 2006

Hey guys, The Rocker’s internal foot brace design holds true.
With awesome camera and video angles at hand, I was captured pitoning off a
25 foot slide drop into a small pool just before dropping over another 35
footer. We call it the Hurly Burly, the first real "runable" drop on the
whatshan river here in the Southern BC interior. I was just a little off
line on the shallow entry and got bumped around on the slide down, pitoned
real bad and dented in the bow, but I recoverd just in time to fall over the
35 footer after wards. My mate Chris Ryman (Endless Adventure shop owner and
preferred jackson dealer) has the video footage and it is hillarious. You
will get to see it later this fall when we edit all of this years footage
together and send it out to our favorite kayak builder. Even though my
rocker took a huge dent in the nose, funny enough I didnt realize how hard I
hit till I saw the playback. Previously, I was always skeptical of the
device but I am now conivinced that the rocker’s funky internal footbrace
system Is the safest out out there on the market. The thick 4" foam
footplates and pillar mounts absorbed the massive impact like a saugey
diaper. Aside from some shaken nerves and a little whiplash I walked away
with not one lower body injury such as 2 broken ankles or legs. I count my
blessings boys. And then, the huge bow dent in the crosslink popped out on
its own in the heat of the sun! Awesome!!!
Our buddy Mikkel St. Jean-Duncan was next to run Hurly Burly (as seen in the
photo) and stomped the thing like the pro he is of course. Chris and I are
now convinced that it is his auto boofing boat (a wavesport mutant of all
Thanks for the fun you share with us.

A happy jackson user/abuser.

C ya,
Carl Jacks
Castlegar, BC

PS The mega rocker…. that is a knarly looking boat….