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August 22, 2006

Attached scribe sheet (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) shows the point values for each move that will be used in the USA Team Trials, Canadian Team Trials, and World Cup. A USA athlete meeting will be held on Tuesday night at Wilderness Tours Rafters restaurant the night before USA Team Trials to discuss any additions for the scoring, such as combo bonuses, etc. A team leaders meeting will be scheduled before the World Cup #1 starts, where we expect around 20-25 countries, how cool is that!

Right now the Garberator is in good form and seems to be holding steady! People are having a great time training on the wave! Practicing has been starting at 5am at first light (or before) and ending in the middle of the night with a generator and flood light. On average about 12-15 people are in the eddy staging up for their next ride all day long. The lineup has been a good place to meet new people from all over the world. I am afraid my camera went missing at Outdoor Retailer so I don’t have any photos to show you. We got a bunch of rain two nights ago which will hold the river from dropping. I am sure that the dams can regulate the flows with little effort (if any) needed.

It is getting cool at night (50’s), but still in the 80’s during the day. It is starting to feel like fall here already, especially at 5am. Fog on the water and in the fields, really warm river water, but cool air. Crystal clear skies, lots of shooting stars at night!

Wilderness Tours has a great deal on food and camping for the week of World Cup. Jackson Kayak has provided a 15 passenger van which is piloted by Jez (our Australian importer and team comedian). We will be escorting paddlers such as Mario from Costa Rica and others who are coming in on a shoestring and don’t have a way to get from one event to the next. This will easily be the best event to go to for those who want to show up and paddle, and have simple, cheap logistics.

Tommy Gunn is preparing for World Cup #2 in Watertown, NY where a festival atmosphere will be prevalent.

Jackson Kayak staff are preparing for World Cup #3 in Rock Island, TN. The “Losers Party” on Saturday night, dubbed “Friends in Low Places” promises to be a huge hit. We are hosting it at the Jackson Kayak factory, well decorated for the occasion.

Remember that the World Cup is an open event in 2006, but the World Championships require that you register to make the USA or Canadian Teams to compete on the BusEater Wave here on the Ottawa in the spring.

Registration for USA Team Trials will close tomorrow!!! Click here to register:

See you on the wave!

🙂 EJ