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August 16, 2008

The Women’s Semi-finals really came down to who was able to land a few moves without flushing in the higher water. The cut was a big one, the hardest in the event- from 10 to 5. Fiona Jarvie from Great Britain, who got 2nd in prelims and is the European Champion for 2008 came in hot and took the top honors going into finals and her seeding will stay the same throughout the three finals rides. Emily Jackson, from the USA, also had an awesome second ride to come in just behind Fiona for second. Juta Kiser from Germany had a great ride to pull into finals in 3rd place. Ruth Gordon, from Canada, the current World Champion, came in 4th, with Adrienne Levknecht took the final spot for the finals with a nail biting ride that she was crying after because she didn’t think she made it. On her first ride she did a wavewheel into the hole but fell on her head and flushed through. She did a sweet air loop on the wave below, however, which was cool. She seemed good going into her second ride, but there were so many of the top women missing their moves that it was hard to tell what was needed to make it through. Jessie Stone, for example had the third highest score in prelims, but just missed some key moves in semis which put her in 7th, which is still quite awesome for her first major international event!

Top 5 Women for Tomorrows Finals are:

Fiona Jarvie, Great Britain
Emily Jackson, USA
Juta Kiser, Germany
Ruth Gordon, Canada
Adrienne Levknecht, USA

Wish these women luck in the medal round tomorrow!