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August 5 , 2009

By Devon Barker

The USA team had lots of competitors in the Individual finals. Our
finals were delayed a day which I was glad as my ribs and stomach
muscles were still very sore. The team finals ended with England 1st
with the Basque Team in 2nd. It was a really exciting team final to
watch as I waited until the next day for Individual Finals.

Jimmy Grossman won his Final in Master’s IC with Wayne Waddington
taking fourth in his Grand Master’s IC final. Russ Buskirk and Tom May
took 3rd and 4th. I was the second to last heat to go. I ended up 4th
in finals! This was my third time making it to finals in the Worlds.
I cannot even express how fun it is to surf big waves. Naomi James
surfed her way to a World Title during our heat! The level of
competition was outstanding and the waves were great. As I surfed in
after the buzzer the Basques greeted me on the beach with our flag (my
family is Basque) and cheers. The Basques had great Individual finals
with Ainhoa Tolosa taking Women’s IC and Urko Otxoa with Men’s title
in IC and Edu Etxeberria in second in HP. Luis, who I met at the 05
Worlds, honored the Basques by capturing the World Title in both HP and
IC Grand Masters!

With the delay in competition I was not able to make it home on
Saturday. I had a rushed flight on Monday as there were no seats left
on Sunday, were I left customs without my kayaks as not to miss the
last flight home to Idaho. Unfortunately, my father was diagnosed with
Kidney cancer, which spread, to his optic nerve the day I was in
semi-finals. Sometimes the highs and lows in life have bad timing.

I arrived home 27 hours later to Idaho. The sound of the river and the
smell of the forest welcomed me home. My new Jackson Star was waiting
for me in my front room. I cannot wait to surf on Cat’s Paw on the
Salmon. Below are links to more photos and results. Many thanks to all of you who supported me. I could not have done it without you all!




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