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After quite a spell out from kayak fishing, for various reasons, I was like a kid at Christmas to finally be getting back on the water today. I had decided on fly fishing for trout on a lake in the Heart of Northumberland-my home county.
It was a windy launch and a fight against the wind for my first drift. I set my drogue and started the session off fishing lures. After about 30 mins i had a take, but after several seconds the fish spat the hook.
By now the wind had eased a little and after a couple of hours I hooked another fish. This time I was fishing with nymphs. After a short battle it was in the net. A fine rainbow trout. This one was destined for the table and would make a fine meal for my family.
Fishing was very slow after this, with just a gentle take which didn’t come to anything. But then from a distance I noticed a bird of prey coming over the horizon. As it got closer I could see it was an osprey. It circled over head as if to see what I was doing, before moving off about 100 meters in front of me. And then it started to drop rapidly, I could tell it had spotted something. Within a second it had lunged into the water and as it took off you could clearly see it had caught a trout. A good sized one at that. This was the highlight of the day for me. Just proving that you don’t have to catch lots of fish to enjoy your time on the kayak. Just being around nature can be good enough! 🙂