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Today I leave for Munich Germany. Tobias Bersch, the European Freestyle Kayak Champion, will pick me up in his Audi A6 (German Edition) where he swears he can make it to Graz, Austria in less than 4 hours. I look forward to seeing if his skills on the Autobahn, and his car, are as good as he claims. I will train at the World’s site with Tobias, and other European team members until May 13th. At that time, my wife and kids will arrive and I will move out of Tobias’ apartment and into a hotel with my family. We will be in downtown Graz. The hole is literally under a bridge in the middle of what could best be described as Manhattan. We keep our kayaks in a garage in an alleyway and then walk to the hotel, shopping, restaurants, internet café’s etc. I will let you know how the hole is which Tobias, in his best English, described as a “pullover” which I assume he meant “pourover”.