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He is now bow stalling, supercleaning in flatwater, getting worked in the big hole at Rock Island and liking it, and getting much stronger. Kayaking is really treating Dane well so far. It was a few short months ago that he would cry by the time he got his boat back to the truck because it was heavy for him. Now, he races me back and never asks for my help carrying it.

Today he slipped in the water getting out and his boat got full of water. I offered to help him empty it, but he just shrugged and said, “I’ve got it”. A local, watching from the bank, turned to me and said that I should be very proud of him. I hope I didn’t give him the impression that I am not, because I certainly am one proud Papa.

On Friday we will go up to the Potomac. I am considering taking the kids to the Upper Yough. It would be there first really “creeky” experience. That would be a true benchmark for both of them. They certainly have the boat skills. I will let you know if we do that on this trip. Great Falls of the Potomac and the Fish Ladder are both options as well. I think “Pummel” would be the only line at Great Falls that I would take them down yet.

Father and son scouting first Class V, Garvins

Dane lining up for Phil's Hole!

55 pounds, wet, but a heavyweight in personality