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Chris may normally be behind the camera, but he still gets to play..

We found great playspots at rapid 2, 3, 7, 8, 10, 18, and 19. We found many others along the way too. Believe it or not we found small holes, and small waves for the basics video as well as plenty of big holes and big waves. We did the flatwater section of the video at a small pool at the top of the falls and also in an eddy right at the bottom of the falls.

Don’t mess with this guy!

After each day on the river we had a full-on hike out of the gorge. I always did it as fast as I could as a leg workout only to be greeted by our shuttle driver with lots of water, and sometimes beer. It was a short shuttle back from rapid number 13 take out that dumped us off right back at our hotel, all on dirt roads. The AC in our rooms was worth a million dollars as was the incredible buffet dinners each night with live music and a great atmosphere. Every night we would review the video of the day and plan our following day.

These animals are nothing but trouble, baboons.

One evening we took a drive to the local gamepark and saw wild rinos, zebra, giraffes, buffalo, impala, and many other incredible game. Every day we would stop to watch the antics of the vervet monkeys and the baboons. During breakfast monkeys would try to steal the bread and sugar from the tables while the guards and hotel staff try to chase them away. It was quite the scene.