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Water ran from 8am-9am- Paddled under the most beautiful morning light with both Emily and Dane. Jason Parr and Corey (a photographer from CA) flew in last night. They are producing a coffee table book on 17 athletes and their "home playground". So far today we have gone kayaking at 3,600, first in incredible morning mist, then crisp fall morning sun.

Then we went swimming at the rope swing. This rope swing is awesome. It is in a protected pool with a past vertical 300 foot cliff behind you, a 21 foot cliff on two other sides, and a 75 foot rope. The kids are into the rope swing. I took Jason and Corey there to check it out too.

I got home and Kristine was running on our 1 mile loop that I made on our property (a beautiful running trail). My carpets were getting steam cleaned, so I stayed out and flew my airplane in the back yard.

Now I am assembling my Xtra-Cycle so I have a non-motorized shuttle vehicle for getting to the hole with my boat and the kids. They will ride their bikes, and I will ride the Xtra Cycle. Still having a hard time getting three boats on it, but the two fit really well.

Lunch on the deck, followed by a mean game of whiffle ball. The good guys beat the bad guys 23-18.

Ran around on the horses for a while, then dinner, and called it a night. Bed early last night- 10pm.

Oh- Yea,

Corey on the cliff

Dane Backflip 1

EJ on swing

EJ with Rope swing

Emily Dropping

Jason showing how not to land