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Sunday at the Jackson Ranch is a day to enjoy all that we have worked for, without any distractions. Coffee on the deck in the morning (it is still warm in Tennessee !) We’ll eat Kristine’s big breakfast, not to be confused with McDonald’s Big Breakfast (although I like both). Then the discussion turns to what to do next. I mowed a very cool running trail around the perimeter of our 20 acre property that is winding, hilly, on the field, and through the woods. It is exactly 1 mile long. I mapped it with my Timex Speed, Distance monitor. (GPS). So often, we run after waking.

Today was a horse and plane day. During our five years in an RV, Kristine’s two regrets were that she couldn’t have a garden, or horses. Well, at the Ranch she now has both. We have four horses that are crazy at times. Ann is a big black Tennessee walker and our horse trainer won’t even lead her (wimpy trainer), however, she is my ride, oh yea, I would have kicked Sea Biscuit’s butt today on Ann.

Ann is two years old. Jack is a big brown Tennessee walker, and I tried to ride him this morning, and I was scared. So scared that I got off and walked him back to the barn. Less than two years old, a male, and not quite broken. I thought I could ride him today, but I was wrong. We did go for a spin, but it looked more like a bucking bronco rodeo than a p leasure ride. I don’t know what to do with that boy. Then there is Flicker. Flicker is a yearling Tennessee walker with a beautiful blonde mane, and totally unbroken. We don’t try to ride her.

Finally, we have Kristine’s new horse, Dosee. She is a saddle bred horse and twelve years old. She is calm, broken, and Kristine’s new best friend. I put Dane and Emily on this horse, but not on Ann or Jack. Today we rode for a couple of hours on the trails around our house.

Dane rode for and hour or so, while I stayed on Ann. Ann won’t listen to Kristine so she sticks with

After riding, Kristine spends some time training the horses in our round pen. The round pen is Kristine’s new toy. She can bring one horse in at a time. I call it the Humbler, because the horses go in Belligerent and come out Humble! Kristine is a natural horse trainer.

Now, my hobbies include flying radio controlled airplanes. Not to brag, but I won my first major competition at 10 years old in the open class.(My dad invented some of the key technology in radios in the 60’s and had me flying high performance planes at 6 years old) So, keeping my skills sharp is something I enjoy. I am fond of overpowered, highly aerobatic planes. I have been flying “profiles” lately which are simple planes, but they fly awesome. Here I am in my back yard, where I mowed a runway. I just go out back and fly when I want. This is my newest plane. It is a biplane on steroids. Awesome!

So, the Jackson Ranch gets lots of use before the Rock Island dam released at noon today. Here Dane and I are playing our hole, Dane working his entry loop.

Got to go, more fun to be had before the sun goes down, like watching the sunset from my deck. Life is good.


Ann, Flicker and Jack

Kristine and Dosee

Kristine training Dosee

EJ with Plane

Starting Plane

Our new round pen

Jack and Flicker running

Cartwheels are sweet here

Entry loop

Front surfing