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Today is the last day before the big event. It happens to also be the only time to get on the extreme racing course before the big head to head event. Dane wants to race, but I has never been here to run the waterfall before, so today was his lucky day. Phil Boyer, Dane, and I paddled down to scout the drop, get everything in order, and then do a “training run”. Dane’s first run his goal was to boof it big and land on the boils. Here are the photos, no lack of boofing! Phil suggested that he let the bow drop a little next time, but Dane said it was super soft. His second run was super smooth and his is addicted to the drop already. I guess we don’t have any issue with the race on Saturday now.

People have been training like crazy for this event. Today was the competitors meeting and we have training slots to avoid the overcrowding. The next article will have the results from the National Championships/ US Team Trials!