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Official Entries to the 2003 World Championships closed today. 30 countries competing in the biggest international whitewater event of the year.

The countries competing cover the globe. Here is the list in alphabetical order:

Argentina, Austraila, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile´, Costa Rica, The Chech Republic, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Isreal, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Nepal, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Slovenia,Switzerland, Sweden, and the United States.

I have a feeling that there are a couple of countries that didn´t get their registration in on time. They will be allowed to enter, but will not have any official training time slots, and will have to go in the open slots.

There is quite alot of culture that surrounds such an event. Even the difference between the Irish and English teams are huge (don´t ever make the mistake of thinking they are the same bunch, they won´t let you get away with that!) Add in Africa, Australia, Russia, etc. and you have the world at your finger tips. The one thing we all have in common, though, is freestyle kayaking!