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Junior Men’s Class

The juniors are doing exceptionally well here in Graz. Here are a few that have been training here this past week.

It is hard to talk about the junior men’s class and not just focus on the USA team. The USA Junior Men’s team is incredibly dominant and just keeps on bringing new incredible athletes to the event, year after year.

This year is no different. Watch for Pat Keller, and Mike D. These two guys would be competitive in the senior class. Of course there is also Skippy, Tristan, and Max who all are working hard in the hole and doing impressive stuff. These guys are not holding back. They like the hole, like the city, and are ready to compete. Look for top juniors also from Spain, England, Germany, and Canada.

Pat Keller practicing for his victory?

Max Bechtel practicing in the hole

Skippy having a Skipity Do Da Day