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Can you believe it, everything I wrote about the hole has already changed!!! The hole was brand new and the water has just come up for the first time since it was built, so, the hole is changing. Sand is moving out of some places, and into others, some rocks may have shifted, whatever, the hole is different!

No longer the Keeper it was before, now it is the chew up and spit out hole. Still quite challenging, even more so, but the shoulder that kept you in is now pulsing you out. In a nutshell, linking lots of ends became quite difficult. We will now have to hit and run with individual moves, much less flowing than before, much lower scores. Overall the quality and quantity of moves just dropped due to the difficulty of staying in.

However, I can say that the Entry Space Godzilla, which is likely to score trophy moves at this hole, is good to go, if you don’t mind flushing in the first two seconds, now and again.

Entering hole across the evening sun

Dropping bow while missing rocks

Getting a kick in the pants by the foampile

Go as big as you can

Throw it back down for an aerial end

Stick it deep, pray for foam

Thanks for the foam, keep on playing

Dan waiting at the stop (100 meters from the hole)

Dan on board and going home, free!