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May 18, 2004

Hi EJ,

I don’t know if you remember me, I got in touch
with you about the
" FirstFun" [Fun1] kayak during the last winter. My name is
Dominique G. I received the "FirstFun" Kayak last week.

The "FirstFun" is a really good boat for
me, especially in a hole. This boat has a nice shape and I like its new
design. Finally! I have found a kayak that fits me well (I am quite small!)
and that will allow me to evolve greatly.

People in Montreal and Quebec are surprised to see
this new and small kayak, and a number of people are interested in purchasing
a boat from JacksonKayak. I have tried to give them the most information
as possible.

I compete in the "Circuit de la coupe du Québec"
and soon it’s the third
competition. Next week-end is "Labelle hole" competition. I
am confident I will score good results again, especially with my new and
great boat!!! :o)

Thank you very much to Jacksonkayak !



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