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May 31, 2004


I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome boat. Sorry,
I wasn’t all pumped up Friday when I was talking with you at Old Anglers but
I think I was feeling a little guilt for spending the money on the boat. That
guilt didn’t last long. Thanks for helping out with the back band. That made
a big difference. I had no problem flatwater cartwheeling the boat today. Super
balanced also. It was so easy to bounce the boat to set up a flatwater loop.
I spent 4 hours surfing our local spot today. 3 hours straight before I got
out of the boat. How’s that for comfort. The feature is a shallow wave\hole.
Colin told me he thought the kingpin might be looser then the FUN. Colin was
wrong. I think the FUN is looser. The boat is fast, loose and I was able to
get multiple ends in a feature that is not retentive at all. The boat rocks.
Best boat I’ve ever owned and I have been through about 28 boats. I thought
I would keep the kingpin for heavy park and play and use the FUN for more river
running and play. I changed my mind and placed the kingpin For Sale today. I
don’t need it. There is nothing that I can do in the kingpin that I can’t do
in the FUN as a rodeo boat, and still have an awesome all around boat for river
running. The kind of boat I have been searching for, when I was buying and selling
the last 28 boats I’ve owned. It is ridiculous how easy it is to roll also.
Everything I’ve heard you say about the boat is true. It is a winner. I can
only imagine how good the All Star will be.

Thanks again,

Steve Pietrucha