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You can say that the TV kids watch has
no effect on their behavior, but why then would somebody name
a move after a Southpark Episode? “The Phonics Monkey”.
No different than the effect fast food has on us as I named
my “McNasty” with the help of Jay Kincaid, another
McDonald’s fan. So, the Phonics Monkey:

What is it? It is a Retentive Pirouette
into a front loop. Easily described, simple visual picture.

How do you do it?

Paddle straight into a hole as if
you were about to plug and ender.

Reach over your bow for a cross bow
sweep and pull on it right as you hit the green water.

Keep your weight over your boat and
pull the boat around in a pirouette. To keep right side
up pull the bow just under the foam pile to allow the
greenwater to help you do the quick pirouette.

Keep your eyes on the greenwater so
that you are in position to tuck for the loop as you come


Dropping too much edge on the pirouette
and falling on your head before making the full spin.

Throwing your body around too much
so you are not ready for the loop, falling on your head.

Not having your body leaning back
enough to throw the loop as you finish the pirouette.

How hard is it? I would say just a little
easier than the McNasty, but harder than a Space Godzilla
or Air Loop. Get it down? Try it the other way.

Check out this video of the Reno Whitewater
Park. It is a shallow hole that is perfect for this type of
move. Notice, both a left and right monkey.

video of The Phonics Monkey (2.32 MB, Windows Media Player
9 Required)
Cable or DSL Strongly Recommended